Supporting newly established, small and medium sized charities.

Well Hello!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Emma and I love charities! I am passionate about them and the important work they do. I’ve worked in the charity sector since 2003 and understand the complexities that come with being a charity, especially when it comes to finance and governance. That’s why I set up Beyond Profit….to help newly formed, small and medium-sized charities to navigate the charity governance and finance landscape.

Why me?

Most importantly, I understand you and what you’re trying to achieve. I take a client-centric, solution-focused approach and charities love working with me.

I have 20 years experience in a variety of sectors; from education to catering, wholesale to charities. I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), a CIMA Member in Practice and hold a Certificate in Charity Law and Governance. I am also a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and an affiliate of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners.

In my personal time, I also volunteer as the Treasurer of Bolton Cancer Voices and Howfen FC, a local grassroots football club.

Want to know more?

Beyond Finance

I am passionate about helping people understand the finances of the organisations that they work for, are associated with or volunteer for. Lots of people are scared of numbers. That’s totally understandable. You might not have had to look at them since school, they might not make that much sense any more… it’s tough to ask for help so maybe you just keep quiet?

You don’t need to. I can help by ensuring that you understand the finances and help you to ask the right questions to move your organisation forward.

Keeping on top of your day to day finances. Enabling you to make proactive decisions.
Complying with your legal duties.
Helping you see the bigger picture.

Beyond Governance

Do you know if your trustee board is as effective as it could be? Are you recruiting and appointing the right trustees? Have you got the mix of skills and experience that you need? Are you evaluating them regularly and appropriately?

I can help to enable your charity trustees to be more effective and support your trustees in their decision making.
From a full governance review, a board skills audit, policy writing, business support and effectiveness advice and training, I offer a tailored service to your charity.

Supporting your trustees in their decision making.
Providing additional support.
Helping Trustees be more effective.
Helping you identify and manage your risks.