October Update: The one when it’s better late than never!

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Emma Willder

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October was an exciting month for me as I moved out of my office at home and into new offices at Bolton Arena. When I set up Beyond Profit in 2017 having my own offices was a pipe dream and something that I thought would be a long way down the line….happy dance anyone?
It was also a month of learning new things which is something that excites and terrifies me in equal measure. Excitement as I love to learn but terrifying as sometimes I wonder if my brain can hold any more stuff!
So the new things I learned….
Social Lettings Agencies
When one of my clients first started talking about an SLA I was thinking to myself ‘service level agreement’ but no I was wrong. In some areas, SLA means Social Lettings Agency. For those of you, like me don’t know what a Social Lettings Agency it is a form of Private Renting Access scheme (PRS) run on a commercial basis. They help homeless and vulnerable people to access and sustain PRS tenancies, but also generate income to cover operational costs. To find out more visit here. I found this a really interesting concept but didn’t realise how much work, compliance (and financial modelling) went into one.
Hosting a Twitter chat
When Ed from Freelance Heroes* asked me to host one of the regular Twitter chats I said yes but was worried how to do this. It’s something I’d never done before and whilst I am on Twitter I don’t always think my social media game is good. However with support from Ed, various other freelancers and TweetDeck I have to say that the hour whizzed by and, more importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed it! The questions asked ranged from “How do you manage to separate work from home?” to “Do you have a formal business plan, just wing it or something in-between?” It was great to get input and different perspectives.
How much I needed to separate my home life and working life 
I hadn’t realised just how difficult I found it to switch off from work till my office wasn’t in my house anymore. When I initially set up Beyond Profit, it didn’t even occur to me that this would be an issue. I mean why would it? I could commute in 10 seconds rather than a horrible train journey into Manchester. I could do household tasks and work…ideal right? I used to work from home one day a week in my previous life, how different could it be? The answer: VERY! I found it a struggle to switch off and even if I was on holiday if I heard the office phone ring or saw the ansa-machine flash I felt I had to deal with it straight away or it would play on my mind.
I’ve now been in my new office over a month and the difference in my mental wellbeing is vast.
I also took a much-needed holiday with my family. We had a lovely time in Devon doing not very much apart from swimming, playing pool, table tennis and eating – it was fantastic and I came back refreshed and raring to go.
And now we’re halfway through November, hurtling toward December and all that it brings. I’ve started planning for next year and can’t wait to bring you all some exciting developments.
*A community of freelancers from across the UK; supporting and encouraging one another, skill-sharing and representing their freelance network UK wide

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