Need support with your charity governance?

We support charity boards to develop their approach to governance, ensuring that there is a clear line of delegation from the board to the CEO. 

Charity boards need to fulfil their legal duties and govern their charities with transparency and due diligence

However, charity trustees are usually volunteers, often with day jobs or other commitments. They carry a great legal responsibility but often lack the support and training they need to bring their full potential to the role. Charities with limited budgets might find trustee training is not their priority. 

Charities with good governance make better decisions

They have a better oversight of risk and finance, and so are better able to support their beneficiaries both now and into the future. We specialise in working with trustees of newly established, small, and medium-sized charities who want to grow their board or develop their skills and knowledge around charity governance but need a helping hand or a bit of support.  

We can help you make your trustee board more effective

We can support your charity trustees to make sound, informed decisions, and support the senior team to implement them. Whether you need a full governance review, a board skills audit, policy writing, governance effectiveness advice, or trustee training, we can offer a tailored service to your charity.

Charity and Company Secretary

Supporting your trustees in their decision making. Ensuring you comply with charity and company law.

Do you need a hand with ensuring that your charity meets all its legal obligations in charity and company law? The list of jobs can feel very long at times: maintaining statutory records, filing annual returns, submitting financial statements, maintaining a list of assets and liabilities, filing your annual reports, ensuring your confirmation statements are submitted, arranging meetings, preparing agendas, circulating papers, taking minutes, recording decisions… the list goes on! We can help take these tasks off your to-do list.

Board skills audit

Identifying knowledge and skills gaps. Planning for improved governance.

Developing a strong, knowledgeable, and skilled board is key to a successful charity. They support the CEO, set the strategic vision, and have responsibility for governance, all of which bring a significant responsibility.

We can support you to make sure you have the right people with the right skills on your board, and help you understand where there are gaps that need to be filled.

Trustee recruitment and training

Improving trustee governance skills. Building resilient charity boards.

Being a trustee is a challenge but highly rewarding role. Many are volunteers, lending their time and expertise to support charities they believe in. In order to get the best out of your trustees, you need to help them develop their skills in the same way as you would a member of staff. Trustees have a significant role and carry a lot of responsibility.

We can help you ensure they have the skills and knowledge the need to do the best possible job.

Policy writing and reviews

Ensuring you take a consistent and compliant approach. Helping you meet your legal duties.

Maintaining your organisational policies can feel like a never-ending task. Staying up to date with legislative or regulatory changes and getting board approval for policies can be time consuming, especially when they relate to areas outside of your own expertise.

We can help you by writing and reviewing your policies and making sure that they’re reviewed and approved by the board on time.

Risk management

Helping you identify areas of vulnerability. Supporting you to manage and mitigate risk.

While it is ultimately the responsibility of your trustees, risk management should ideally involve everybody – especially managers, but also staff, users, volunteers, if you want to get a clear view of the risks your organisation faces.

We can help you by facilitating a workshop around risk to help you see the whole picture, by supporting you to develop and maintain a risk register, and helping you to manage and mitigate risk.


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