Case Study

Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub

Run by the community for the community, Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub is open to provide local people and community groups opportunities for further learning and skills training, as well as resources and equipment such as sports facilities, office, studio, and workshop spaces.


“As Tod College grew, and we began to offer more services to the community, we began to feel the challenges of finding the right bookkeeper who could multi-task to a high degree and produce those all-important management accounts.

“We wanted to remove the everyday accounting tasks from our team and free up more of our time and resources to focus on other core areas where Tod College needed us.”

The Solution

Outsourcing their complete accountancy function to Beyond Profit, our team:

  • Carries our reporting and data analysis for management accounts
  • Takes responsibility for all day-to-day bookkeeping and reporting
  • Continues to produce detailed management accounts
  • Carries out monthly payroll, invoicing, payments, etc
  • Produces statutory accounts supporting the charity’s responsibilities and Trustees in their decision-making.

The Impact

Beyond Profit helped Tod College do exactly what they wanted: outsource the charity’s bookkeeping function and the elements within this finance remit, saving money and freeing up team and Trustee time so they could focus on other areas of the business.

Having this level of professional and detailed accounting information supports decision-making and has allowed Tod College to grow its service offer for its users.


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